One of the best ways to represent the type of care your facility delivers is by creating a well-designed hospital logo. This logo will tell the entire industry about the mission and goals of your business. A logo is a true representation of the dedication and professionalism found at your facility. There are certain elements of design that must be included in the hospital logo. Each of these important elements is briefly discussed in the following. 


                Images to Represent the Service


                Any hospital logo is best designed with some sort of image. This image is usually one with a medical theme. It is often an object used in the industry to deliver care to endless numbers of patients. Many times an image of a nursing hat or a syringe are used to depict the character of the business clearly. This image should never be one with a great deal of detail. Too much detailing can give a cluttered appearance to the logo. You want to create a logo that attracts the eye and never one does not leave a lasting impressions. First impressions are very important in such a competitive industry as healthcare and hospitals. Choose a simple and basic image and one that only the outline of the image are needed to make a statement to the public. This sort of image will help in creating a more successful business. 


                Choosing Colors for the Design


                Color is another of the important design elements in creating a hospital logo. You want to use colors that send a message of knowledgeable service and quality care to the public. Many of the common color choices include blue, red, brown, white and green. These colors tend to evoke warm and caring thoughts in individuals. These colors also tend to bring about trust. All hospitals aim for their patrons to have a great deal of trust in their services. Never choose more than three colors for your logo design. Two colors are usually suggested for use in all logos by professional logo designers. 


                Styles of Font and Choosing to Use Text


                Most hospital logos have a style of font that is truly modern and up to date. This gives potential clients the feeling that you are state of the art in every area of health care. You may choose to use simple and bold fonts or choose a more stylish and elegant style. Regardless of the style of font you choose, you need to be sure to display the font in bold typeface. This leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. 


                If you plan to add text to the logo design for your hospital, you should never use more than four or five words. This text should include the name of your healthcare facility or a quote or sales pitch slogan associated with the business. You do not want to place too much emphasis on this text. It is usually located at the bottom of the logo or in a circular pattern around the image. 

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